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Tattered Flag. Bluff, UT. (pictured above)

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New portfolio arriving later this year… until next time, please take care.

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Welcome to the archived photography website of Vermont Photographer Seth Butler.

Seth Butler is an award-winning Vermont (VT) based photographer working in the traditions of documentary photography, photojournalism, & fine art who specializes in reportage for journalistic, arts, commercial, editorial, event, portrait, renewable energy, travel, agricultural & agritravel clients near Central Vermont & New Hampshire.

Seth often covers many regions in Northeast New England & beyond, including the following locations in Vermont (VT) & New Hampshire, (NH);

Barnard, Burlington, Hanover, Killington, Middlebury, Montpelier, Randolph, Rochester, Rutland, Springfield, White River Junction, Woodstock & the entire Upper Valley Region of Central Vermont & New Hampshire.

More than a decade ago, Seth Butler was selected as the documentary photographer to represent Vermont for the internationally acclaimed 50 States Project.

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Greetings from Vermont! Auspisciousness to you… from where I sit in a tiny studio surrounded by the eastern front range of the Green Mountains in Vermont.

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